Spring Pool Openings in Central, New Jersey

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What is a Spring Assembly?

Spring Assembly consists of “Un-Winterizing” your swimming pool & equipment. After we reinstall the systems' drain plugs that were removed for winterization, we prime and start your system. We then observe the operation of your equipment and inspect for any immediate leaks. Your pool water is tested & adjusted in order to provide an initial balancing adjustment; any needed balancing chemicals will be billed additionally. After the opening, you will need to follow up with further testing & cleanings to keep your pool clear & beautiful throughout the season. These services and chemicals are available so, if you need help, please call our office and one of our staff members will be happy to schedule you.
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Spring Assembly With Cover Removal

In addition to the Spring Assembly, we carefully remove your pool cover, fold it and put it in your outside storage area. If you have a safety cover, we lower the anchors flush with the cement. If you have water bag cover, we roll your bags and store them with your cover. Prior to our arrival, please have your pool cover dry and free of debris to an avoid extra labor billing of $75 per 1/4 hour. If your cover is wet due to rain or cleaning, you may request for us to leave it outside of your storage area to dry. If you would like this service done, please check the box on the back cover. Prices for openings with or without cover removal will be slightly higher for pools with water falls, raised spas, covers with cable systems, vanishing edges, caves and 2 covers systems. Upon scheduling your opening, please inform the office of any unique pool options, such as those listed above, for additional price quotes.
Make sure the water level is raised to enable the operation of your filter system. The service crew will need your outside electricity & water turned on. Your gate and storage area need to be unlocked and easily accessible to the crew. If these requirements are not met upon arrival, there is a return scheduling fee of $75.

For customers who have an automatic pool cleaner, we WILL NOT put your cleaner in a dirty and/or green pool at opening. Automatic pool cleaners are maintenance cleaners. Putting an automatic pool cleaner in a dirty pool could cause damage to the cleaner. A manual vacuuming is required before an automatic pool cleaner gets put in the pool.

More Services and Materials

The below service will be billed additionally. Call the office for pricing

Premium Tablets — 3” chlorine tablets
The Premium HIGH Quality tablets that you have grown to love are now back in stock. Premium tablets do not contain animal fat in them like most box store chlorine tablets manufactured in China therefore, they will not corrode your system and they could last up to twice as long. Supplies are limited so, pick them up now.
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Heater Maintenance & Lightening
Recommended annually. We remove the debris from inside the heater cabinet, clean the pilot and generator assembly and attempt to ignite the heater.
De/ Cartridge Filter Service
Most filters done on site. Recommended annually. We remove the grid assembly or cartridge, apply a filter cleanser de– greaser, wash down the grids and reassemble the filter. Manufacturer recommended. If your filter is more than 6 years old, service and maintenance is required. Please call the office for details and pricing.
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Heater Preservation
Recommended for heater more than 3 years old or annually if the heater is in a high debris area. We remove debris from the jacket top, remove heater tray and clean the burners, burner tray assembly, orifices, pilot and pilot tube. We also inspect for proper operation of; the control system, gas valve, heat exchanger, control box and pilot system.

Any needed parts for proper operation of your heater will be billed separately and technician billing rates apply. An estimate will be given before any work is performed on your heater.
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Pressure Washing
A cleaned cover lasts longer and looks better too. Let us handle this dirty awkward job for you. Professional Pressure Washing of your cover is available. We use a commercial pressure washer with a fresh scented chemical cleaner to get rid of all the winter grim and smell. Let us freshen up and prolong the life of your cover at your opening.

Is NOT part of Spring Assembly. Vacuuming must be requested in advance and is a separately priced service . If you choose to schedule a vacuuming, it will done when the floor is visible, in some cases 3-7 days after chemically treating the pool. If a separate trip is needed to perform the vacuuming, the billing rate will be our regular maintenance rate.

Relax We Will Take Care of The Hard Work For You!

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Chemical Deliveries

Why fight the lines at the pool stores and the summer traffic? Stay at home and order your chemicals and supplies. AHPS will be offering FREE LOCAL delivery on chemical orders over $100 throughout the Summer, (residential customers only). If your order is less than $100, NO PROBLEM! A small delivery fee of $12 will apply. Call the office to place your order.
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Butler Service- (Weekly Maintenance)

Butler Service starts one week after the initial vacuuming is completed; a separately priced service if requested. AHPS will Butler your pool once a week. During your Butler Service, AHPS will empty your baskets, skim the surface, brush the pool walls and steps, vacuum and backwash as needed, check and adjust the chemistry, check the gauges, valves, filter system and so much more. If you would like more information on how to pamper yourself this Summer, call the office for details.
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Gift Certificates

This is the perfect gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day. Gift certificates can be made in any denomination. Treat that special someone to a pool vacuuming, an automatic pool cleaner, chemicals etc. Call the office to personalize your gift certificate.
Make your swimming pool safer by emailing or calling us at 732-398-9300 in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, for pool maintenance.