Pool Pump Inspection and Winter Cover Maintenance and Adjustment in Central, New Jersey

About Your Pool Winterization…

A pool lies dormant almost 7 months each year. Proper pool Winterization by a (CPO); Certified Pool Operators, avoids future problems in the Spring and assures you the finest in pool services.

Prior to our arrival, please have your pool cleaned and balanced with the proper water chemistry. AHPS will Winterize your filtration system as well as all the pool and spa lines. Along with your pool Winterization, we professionally inspect your pool cover. If you have a water bag cover, we replace any broken water tubes. After your pool is winterized, your cover will then be installed.

If you choose to reinstall your own cover, please DO NOT put the cover on the pool until after the Winterization is complete. If the cover is on the pool when we arrive, there will be a $75 rescheduling fee. If you would like us to remove the cover and then reinstall your cover after we Winterize your equipment, the price will be based on the size and type of cover.

Winter covers should be cleaned and in good condition. Water bag covers and safety covers are on sale. Call the office for pricing or to set up an estimate.

Cover Pumps are a Necessity!!!!!!!!! Every pool should have a reliable cover pump for removing excess rainwater and melting snow and ice from the cover. Automatic cover pumps take care of excess water automatically. Treat yourself to automation and more free time. Automatic pumps come with a handle, a base, a small extension cord and a discharge hose. Automatic cover pump kits are on SALE. Call the office to order your cover pump.

Additional services that are recommended at closing:

1) De/ Filter Maintenance - Most filters done on site. Recommended Annually - Don’t let this happen to your filter.

We remove the grid assembly, apply a filter cleanser de– greaser, wash down the grids and reassemble the filter. The manufacturer of your filter requires that you have this service performed at least once a year in order to assure proper water filtration capabilities. Your filter will be professionally cleaned with a chemical treatment and then reassembled and ready to use next Spring.

Clogged DE Filter
2) Bump Handle DE/ Cartridge Filter Cleaning - Due to the excessive time it takes to clean these type of filters, we will either clean the filter on a different day after your closing or remove the filter to the shop for cleaning.

3) DE Filter Service & Maintenance - Recommended for filters more than 4 years old. (Available on most DE Filters). Please let the office know the make, model, size and age of your filter when ordering this service. This service includes De Filter Maintenance plus, removing all the old o-rings and gaskets, reseat and lube new o-rings and gaskets and reassemble the filter.

4) Chlorine Salt Cell Winterization/ Cleaning - Mineral salts and calcium (scale) are deposited on the negative (cathode) plate as electrolysis takes place to make chlorine. The build- up will interfere with the flow of current in the cell and lower the chlorine production. Proper cell maintenance is important to prolong the life of the cell.
20 Years Medal 1
We offer up to 10% off Prepayment Discount when you prepay in full by the September 4th deadline for your pool Winterization AND cover re-installment. This offer is available to all customers in good standing WITHOUT an open balance. Prices for closings will be slightly higher for pools with water falls, raised spas, covers with cable systems, vanishing edges, caves and 2 covers systems. Upon scheduling your opening, please inform the office of any unique pool options, such as those listed above, for additional price quotes. This will help avoid any surprise charges on closing day.

Buyer Beware! Do not be fooled by store brand boxed chemicals. AHPS uses quality Phoenix Brand chemicals manufactured by an AMERICAN family owned company that has been producing chemicals for over 50 years. Their chemicals are not imported and are not watered down. Our pool chemical kits are customized to fit your pool winterization needs. Our service technicians can further customize your package upon arrival to your pool. Call AHPS to see what DISCOUNTED Winter Chemical Package is best for your pool.

Automatic chlorinators should be emptied or almost emptied of chlorine tablets. Allow 1-2 weeks to use up the remaining tablets. Please leave us something next to the chlorinator to put the unused tablets in or we will leave tablets on floor by filter system. We do not dispose of wet chlorine tablets.

Parts and chemicals needed to complete the Winterization are billed additionally. This includes: plugs, water bags, covers, skimmers protectors, repairs, Winter kits and balancing chemicals, etc.

Sorry, we cannot schedule a particular time, only a particular day.

Make your swimming pool safer by emailing or calling us at 732-398-9300 in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, for pool maintenance.