The summer months represent an excellent opportunity to make lasting memories in warm sunlight by enjoying your home's swimming pool. However, if you don't take the proper steps to maintain the facilities and keep your pool in working order, some of those memories may become things that you want to forget.

Proper pool maintenance is not exceedingly difficult, but it does require attention to detail and reliable scheduling. Taking a few preventative measures can allow you to avoid untimely breakdowns and costly repairs and can help guarantee that your pool remains a source of relaxation rather than a source of frustration.

Below, you'll find a guide to some suggestions for pool maintenance that can help you achieve those goals. Following these tips will guarantee that you're much more in tune with any potential problems and can allow you to take swift action that will give you a fantastic sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Debris Removal

The biggest threat to a functioning pool may be the debris that blows into it from your surroundings. Setting aside the unpleasant feeling of brushing up against wet leaves as you're trying to swim, pool debris can get sucked into the important mechanical components of your pool and create blockages that may put excessive strain on your pump. This can result in increased energy consumption that's likely to be extremely wasteful and might even risk a mechanical failure.

You should make skimming your pool part of your daily ritual. If a storm comes through, you should attempt to clear out leaves and sticks as soon as it's safe to be near water in order to prevent them from sitting for too long. After a long swim, you should also be sure to check your skimmer basket and hair trap to make sure any additional debris hasn't created a blockage.

Water Testing

Even if you're meticulous about maintaining the chemical balance in your pool, the effects of the outdoors may be enough to alter it. Sunlight in particular can cause the rapid consumption of pool chemicals, so on bright and hot days, it can be a struggle to make sure your water stays safe to use. However, unless you make a concentrated effort to stay ahead of the curve, you might be aware of a developing problem until it sets in.

Proaction is always preferable to reaction, and your chemical testing kit can offer the warning signs you need to keep up with your chemical levels. On days with a lot of sun or when a lot of people are using the pool, you may want to test the levels as often as every hour. This can help guarantee that any changes are immediately evident and can allow you to make adjustments as needed.


Even if your chemical levels stay consistent, it may be possible for germs and bacteria to grow in levels that are difficult to detect. Keeping your water safe should be the primary goal of any pool owner, and there are chemical solutions that can help guarantee that outcome.

Regularly shocking your pool with concentrated doses of chlorine can help to kill off any organisms that may be lingering. Chlorine shocks do make the water unusable for a period of time, however, so it's important that you take all proper precautions in handling chemicals and stay clear of the pool for the amount of time designated.

After Hours Pool Service offers a wide variety of services to help you keep your pool in its best possible condition. When your preventative measures don't feel like enough, turning to the professionals is a great way to get the repairs you need with ease and confidence.